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An IV machine in the foreground with a patient lying in bed in the backgroundIf the thought of visiting the dentist makes you feel anxious, sedation dentistry at Lakeview Dental may be right for you. We offer both oral and intravenous (IV) sedation to help patients remain relaxed and receive the quality oral care they deserve.

Using IV sedation allows our doctors to carefully monitor medication levels for increased patient comfort and safety. Having completed advanced training and certification in the field, Dr. Brian Hirschfield is your choice for IV sedation in the Lakeville, NY, area. To learn more about IV sedation and discover if it is right for you, schedule a consultation today.

The Basics of IV Sedation

If you choose IV sedation, special medications will be administered directly into your bloodstream. The medications will put you into a state of "twilight sleep," helping you feel extremely relaxed while also allowing you to remain awake and able to respond to questions and perform basic commands. Once the sedatives wear off, you should remember very little about the procedure, if anything at all. It will take several hours for the medications to completely leave your system, so you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment. When compared to other forms of sedation, IV sedation allows Dr. Hirschfield to continually adjust medication levels throughout the course of treatment and maintain greater control over outcomes.

Candidates for IV Sedation

Unfortunately, dental phobia can often cause patients to avoid routine cleanings and other basic dental care treatments. This can lead to a negative cycle, where oral health worsens and patient anxiety increases at the thought of having to undergo a more invasive procedure. IV sedation has been used to help countless individuals overcome dental phobia and safely and comfortably receive professional oral care treatments.

IV sedation may also be recommended for patients who are undergoing an extensive procedure, such as dental implants placement or wisdom teeth extraction, even if they do not suffer from dental phobia. To determine if IV sedation is right for you, we will listen closely to your concerns and review each sedation option in detail.

Dr. Hirschfield’s Expertise

Safely administering IV sedation requires expert precision and a great attention to detail. As a result, it is important to choose a dentist who has extensive experience with the technique. Unlike many other dentists, Dr. Hirschfield has received nearly 100 hours of specialized training in the field, and he has been certified by the state of New York to perform IV sedation. This has made him one of the leading IV sedation dentists in the Lakeville area. Additionally, Dr. Hirschfield uses a calm demeanor and gentle touch to further increase patient comfort.

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At Lakeview Dental, all of our team members are here to support you and help to ensure a positive oral care experience. We will also take the time to explain your diagnosis and upcoming treatment in detail to ensure you are confident and comfortable about your care. To learn more about IV sedation, reach out to Lakeview Dental today.



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