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Ginny Steed has been visiting Dr. Hirschfield for more than 20 years, and after a tooth split awkwardly, Dr. Hirschfield consulted with her to decide on the option that would be best for her. In this restorative dentistry testimonial, she discusses the implant procedure and her satisfaction with the natural appearance and functionality of her new tooth. She also speaks about why she decided on an implant, as opposed to various other procedures.

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My name is Ginny Steed. I've been coming to Dr. Hirschfield in Woodruff for over 20 years. I am a bus driver for a local school. I had a circumstance where my tooth split awkwardly, not the way you would think it would, and what I love about Dr. Hirschfield is he gave me a lot of options. He didn't say, "Well you needed to have an implant." He gave me options. And then after thinking about it and talking with my husband I decided the implant was the best way for me to go. I mean, it is a process. It takes several months to go though, but the thing I that liked about the implant is that it was permanent. If you have a bridge, a bridge connects to your other stable teeth, but what happens if one of those other teeth, something goes wrong with it? Then that bridge no longer will be functional. The great thing too, was I was initially apprehensive, didn't know what pain or anything. I never felt any pain at all, even with having the remaining part of my tooth that had to be pulled. It was just a nice procedure and Dr. Hirschfield is great. As soon as the tooth was finalized and I was here for my last visit, it felt natural. It felt like I always had my tooth there. By all means come here, because you'll have a great and happy experience.

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