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Finding the right dental practice is vital, and listening to dentistry patient testimonials can guide you in the right direction. Hear how Dr. Hirschfield and our experienced team will treat you like family and provide you with the highest-quality dental care. Improve your oral health and self-confidence with our help.

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Woman 1: I was not going to be 50 and have my teeth look like they were looking. First of all, they were terribly crooked, but because of my mouth bite they were ground down and they were yellowed. And it was . . . they were not attractive, and I taught myself to smile like this so that you couldn't see what I was looking like in my teeth. So I think if you're like "I don't know if I should do it," think about how you feel when you look in a camera, think about how you feel when you talk to somebody, think about how you feel when you meet a stranger, and then recognize that you can make the change. You can make this change, and you can feel really good about yourself. And that in itself is worth everything. Man: The experience of this office that we've had, well, ever since we've been here has been great. The staff is always friendly, always greet you. When you come through that door, they'll always if it's in the morning time or even afternoon, they'll always say good morning. They don't look at you like a number. Never have I, and speaking for my wife too, had a bad experience at this place. Dr. Hirschfield actually cares. He takes care of his people, his clientele, and that's what counts. Woman 2: I came to the dentist with a mouth full of problems. Dr. Hirschfield was the exact dentist I needed to come see because he specializes in bone grafts and posts and crowns, and he's done an amazing job. But I feared dentistry. I've feared dentists since I was a child, and I hated going to the dentist. They have so much compassion here, and they understand and they really helped me get past that fear. It's like family. It's like my dentist family. Woman 3: I am a self-admitting dentophobe. Having needles and drilling in my mouth just kind of freaks me out. If any dentist in the past got annoyed with me, I was out of there. And Dr. Hirschfield will automatically keep me informed and tell me everything he is doing. That makes all the difference to just have someone understand what your needs are when you're dentophobic. In the past, other dentists would huff and puff when I needed to have that, when I made that request, and that just made me feel worse. You know? He called me the next day to make sure I was okay. I told my husband, I'm like, "The dentist just called. He's awesome." I couldn't believe it.

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Dr. Brian Hirschfield and the Lakeview Dental team provide comprehensive dental care in a caring, compassionate setting. We are affiliated with some of the leading dental organizations, including the: 

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