Colleague Testimonials: Learn Why Our Doctors Are so Well-respected in the Dental Community

"Drs. Dave Woodruff and Brian Hirschfield are highly trained and skilled dentists who really listen to their patient’s concerns and desires. Nestled in the quaint town of Livonia, their practice provides top-notch, friendly, and gentle dental care. All of their patients should be real proud to have them taking care of their beautiful smiles!" —Dr. Bradd C. Testerman in Lebanon, OH

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Drs. Dave Woodruff and Brian Hirschfield at a seminar in Dallas. I found them to be an outstanding pair of dentists. If you live in or around Livonia New York, you should do yourself a favor and make them your dentists." —Dr. Bill Harris in Little Rock, AR

"If you are in the Livonia, NY area and looking for a new dentist, I would like to recommend Dr. Dave Woodruff and Dr. Brian Hirschfield. If I had family or friends in this area, this is where I would send them for excellent and comprehensive dental care. You’ll find that comfort, gentleness, and quality will be of high priority in this office." —Dr. Richard L. Briscoe

"Dr. Dave Woodruff has been trained to treat his patients with the BEST care possible. He will treat you like he would a member of his own family. When you combine his easy-going personality with very competent dental skills, one finds an excellent dentist. Go see him, you'll think he's great." —Dr. Craig Davis in Jonesboro, AR

"Excellent Skills. State of the Art technology. Compassionate, caring attitude. If this sounds like a dental office that would appeal to you, call today to see Dr. Brian Hirschfield. He provides the type of dental care that allow patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime." —Dr. Craig Davis in Jonesboro, AR

"I have met few dentists as compassionate and knowledgeable as Dr. Dave Woodruff. He has spent considerable effort to continually learn about new dental technologies to offer the best services he can for his patients. I hope Livonia realizes what a great dentist they have." —Dr. Ryan J. Edwards in Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Brian Hirschfield is a talented dentist with a calming personality. He has put a great deal of effort into learning new technologies and techniques to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. You’ll be in great hands with Dr. Hirschfield." —Dr. Ryan J. Edwards in Atlanta, GA

"The dental experience that Dr. Dave Woodruff and Dr. Brian Hirschfield provide is outstanding! They have their patient’s best interest in mind. If you are looking for a dentist in the Livonia, New York area, I highly recommend them for your care." —Dr. Gregg L. Testerman in Lebanon, OH

"With a combined experience of 45 years, CAD/CAM crowns, and Laser technology, Drs. Woodruff and Hirschfield are my recommendation for anyone seeking a dentist in the Livonia area." —Dr. Ron Hawkins in Lubbock, TX

"Dr. Dave Woodruff is one of those rare dentists who, in spite of his 30 plus years of experience, continues to take scads of post-graduate training so his patients get the best care available. His friendly, “instantly-put-you-at-ease” personality makes you comfortable right from the start. If you live in or around Livonia, NY, this is the place to go for your dental care." —Dr. Charles W. Martin in Richmond, VA

"Dr Brian Hirschfield is a knowledgeable expert who leads the way in the application of state of the art technology to make your dental visits comfortable, fast and even enjoyable. Thank you, Dr Hirschfield, for having the insight to ensure your patients get the best kind of care available." —Dr. Charles W. Martin in Richmond, VA

"The fact that so many of their staff have been with them such a long time is clear evidence of the type of compassionate practice that Dr. Dave Woodruff and Dr. Brian Hirschfield have. If you want the best Livonia has to offer, then you must entrust your care to them." —Dr. Albert P. Nordone in Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Brian Hirschfield is a warm caring practitioner, who I know takes care of Livonia. He is a dentist I would refer my patients to if they needed to move to Livonia. He’ll take good care of you." —Michael C. Parkey in Jonesboro, AR

"Dr. Dave Woodruff is my vision of the gentle, friendly, dentist. I know he does an excellent job in Livonia, and I would encourage you to seek his counsel and skills, when it comes to taking care of your smile. I know I would see Dr. Dave if I lived in your area." —Michael C. Parkey in Jonesboro, AR

"Dr. David Woodruff deserves the highest recommendation for the care he provides for his patients. He and his staff provide care, experience and quality dentistry to those who live in Livonia, NY." —Jeffrey G. Priluck in Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Brian Hirschfield takes great pride in the quality of dentistry he provides to each of his patients. You can be assured of receiving the best that contemporary dentistry has to offer by using him as your dentist." —Dr. Jeffrey G. Priluck in Atlanta, GA

"Dr. Dave Woodruff and Dr. Brian Hirschfield of Livonia, New York are quality professional dentists. Their cutting edge technology and commitment to continuing education make them the practice of choice in this area. They will take good care of you and your family." Drs. Roger C. Schmidt and Pamela A. Schmidt

"While attending a dental seminar in Dallas, Texas I met Dr. Dave Woodruff. All the doctors who were in attendance were impressed with his unique insight. If I ever move to Livonia, New York I want him to be my dentist." —Dr. Sells

"I’ve grown to know Drs. Dave Woodruff and Brian Hirschfield through a series of continuing education courses we are involved in together. They are very quality minded, gentle and caring dentists. If I lived anywhere near the Livonia, New York area, I would see them as my personal dentist." —Gregory J. Smith in Lakeville, MN

"I enjoyed my time with Drs. Dave Woodruff and Brian Hirschfield during our recent seminar for continuing dental education in Dallas, Texas. I found them to be totally committed to the welfare of their patients and the strength and beauty of their teeth. With dentists of this caliber, I feel comfortable in referring any patient from my practice to Livonia if they are locating near the lake region of New York." —Bill Williams in Suwanee, GA

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