I have been a general dentist for over 29 years. At our practice in Lakeville, NY, am committed to providing a superior level of personalized care, focused on prevention of disease, rather than waiting to treat it. This proactive approach is not available in so many dental practices today. As a practice, our dental philosophy is that we believe that our calling is to help people transform their health – from accepting the status quo of managing their disease, to moving purposefully toward a health and wellness orientation.

Dr. Hirschfield with a patient

Dr. Hirschfield discussing dental implants with a patient


Our Practice Philosophy

The practice philosophy at Lakeview Dental is a proactive one. We encourage patients to prevent future disease, by helping patients make good decisions to create more healthy lives for themselves.

- Lakeview Dental

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Take Control of Your Health

In the first known Chinese medical text , written more than 4,700 years ago, we find these wise words.

"Superior doctors prevent the disease. Mediocre doctors treat the disease before it is fully evident. Inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease."

Dental problems all get worse when left untreated. The solutions for serious dental problems are more costly, less predictable, and outcomes commonly leave patients in more compromised health. Our goal is to allow people to discover their own problems, discover what it is that they truly want, how healthy they would like to be, and then guide them to discover the best solutions for themselves-to take control of their health back.

Personalized Care

By treating one patient at a time, I am able to spend quality time with each patient and provide many advanced services, including extensive examinations and review of findings appointments. This allows the patient to design a master plan for their own health.

Your first visit to our practice is always with the doctor. He or she will spend up to a half hour getting to know you as a person, and what you really want your dental future to look like, your hopes, thoughts and dreams.

We will then invite you to take a guided tour/ assessment of your mouth, to help you discover the current conditions in your mouth.

A dental physical of the mouth, throat, head and neck is performed. Using digital X-rays, photos and examination we can establish your current health status.

After the guided tour your dentist will invite you back to share a comprehensive risk analysis of your current health. We will review the information gathered and discuss the possibilities for your health. You will clearly understand how we reached our conclusions You, together with your dentist, can then co-create your personalized Master Plan, to allow you to become as healthy as you would like to be.

We believe the mouth is the window to the rest of the body. Many systemic medical conditions have a connection to dental disease.

Ask yourself what you are looking for or prefer.... a health- centered, future focused preventive dental practice, or one where treatment is always reactionary and problem/ symptom focused? Our patients are always free to choose the level of health they wish to achieve.

Become a Part of Our Healthcare Family

When a patient joins my practice, he/she becomes part of our healthcare family. Myself and my associate are available to patients when they need us, and appointments will never be rushed. In addition to general dental care, I specialize in many areas, including complex bite/ occlusal problems, dental implant placement and restoration. It is my mission to always strive to prevent and control disease, so my patients can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

To schedule a consultation at our practice, please send us a message, or call us at 585-978-3085, to set up your appointment.

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The team at Lakeview Dental

Whether you need general dental maintenance, complex bite corrections, dental implants, or restorative solutions, we're here to support your journey toward a better quality of life through comprehensive dental health care. Contact our Lakeville, NY team today and take the next step towards a brighter, healthier smile.