Restore Your Quality of Life with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Missing teeth and other oral health issues can quickly become compounded and impact your appearance, health, and more. For patients with multiple dental issues, the highly trained doctors at Lakeview Dental can combine several procedures into a phased, comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Brian Hirschfield are available to discuss your options for full mouth reconstruction during a consultation at our Lakeville, NY, practice.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction patient

Patients with significant dental damage may require full mouth reconstruction, which restores the function as well as aesthetics of your smile. Full mouth reconstruction involves combining at least two restorative dental procedures, such as:

Every patient’s treatment plan will be different and uniquely tailored to their needs.


Any patient with multiple dental issues may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Depending on the patient’s health, he or she may not be able to undergo certain procedures. For instance, patients who need bone grafts before receiving dental implants need to be healthy enough to undergo the prerequisite oral surgery. 

Dr. Hirschfield has received training at the world-renowned Misch International Implant Institute so he is well-prepared to handle complex full mouth reconstructions.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Hirschfield will discuss your treatment goals. Your doctor will need to know your health history, what medications you take, if you are a smoker, and whether you suffer from any chronic conditions. He will also need to know if you suffer from any form of dental anxiety so that you can be made comfortable during each procedure.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Once you have thoroughly discussed your concerns and treatment goals, your doctor will perform a thorough exam of your mouth, head, and neck, which will include taking x-rays. With this information, your doctor will be able to prepare an appropriate treatment plan. After you and your doctor review the plan and make any necessary changes, your next appointment will be scheduled.

Periodontal treatment might first be recommended to ensure you have a healthy foundation. Fillings or dental crowns can repair and strengthen teeth suffering from decay. Some patients who are missing teeth may benefit from the stability and durability offered by dental implants. Dr. Hirschfield has received training at the Dawson Academy and the world-renowned Misch International Implant Institute. He is well-prepared to handle complex full mouth reconstructions.

Once your restorative needs have been met, you might choose to further enhance the appearance of your smile. Cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can provide a final finishing touch.

Your Treatment Timeline

The length of time for full mouth reconstruction depends on the amount of work that has been planned. For simpler cases, the timeframe may only be one or two visits. Other patients may have their work completed in a few months, whereas patients who want implants, for instance, may not be finished for over a year.

During your consultation, Dr. Hirschfield will fully explain the timeframe for your treatment and ensure that you are informed about the entire process. 

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Our doctors are committed to providing each full mouth reconstruction patient with a successful outcome. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hirschfield to discuss your options.



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