Restore Your Oral Health

with a Tooth-Colored Dental Filling

Traditional fillings made of silver amalgam can make teeth look unhealthy. At Lakeview Dental in Lakeville, NY, Dr. Brian Hirschfield offers tooth-colored dental fillings that blend seamlessly with your teeth. Dr. Hirschfield uses an advanced dental laser to remove decay in the utmost comfort before placing your filling. This modern approach to cavity treatment can restore your oral health without compromising the appearance of your smile.

tooth-colored filling
If you have a cavity, a tooth-colored dental filling can repair your tooth in a way that looks completely natural.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

Tooth-colored composite fillings provide a range of advantages over traditional metal fillings, such as:

  • Aesthetics: Dr. Hirschfield can carefully match the color of composite resin to the shade of your teeth.
  • Stronger bonding: Unlike meal fillings, the composite material chemically bonds with the structure of your tooth.
  • Conservative preparation: Placing a tooth-colored filling typically requires removing less dental tissue than placing amalgam fillings. 
  • A better long-term solution: The amalgam material used in traditional fillings will expand and contract in response to temperature, which can damage teeth over time. Composite resin reacts to hot and cold temperature at virtually the same rate as dental tissue, making it a far better fit for your tooth.
  • A mercury-free solution: Metal fillings contain trace amounts of mercury, a toxic element. Although the Food and Drug Administration has determined that metal fillings do not pose a threat to your health, many patients experience greater peace of mind in choosing a metal-free alternative.

Dr. Hirschfield can further explain the benefits of different materials during a consultation. Most patients choose composite fillings due to the many unique advantages they provide. 

If you have a cavity, Dr. Hirschfield can restore your tooth in a way that looks completely natural and provides valuable oral health benefits for many years to come. 

What to Expect during Treatment

First, Dr. Hirschfield will administer a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the area around it. If you suffer from dental anxiety, be sure and tell Dr. Hirschfield before treatment so we can discuss sedation options to help you relax. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Hirschfield will use an advanced dental laser to remove decay and prepare your tooth for the filling. 

Once all decay and bacteria have been removed, Dr. Hirschfield will fill the area in layers. He will use a special curing light to harden each layer of material. When the cavity is completely filled, he will trim away any excess material. Finally, Dr, Hirschfield with polish the filling to make sure it blends and looks natural. Depending on the location of the cavity, he may need to make adjustments to the filling to ensure your teeth meet properly and comfortably. 

Strengthen Your Smile

If you have a cavity, Dr. Hirschfield can restore your tooth in a way that looks completely natural and provides valuable oral health benefits for many years to come. For more information about receiving a tooth-colored filling at Lakeview Dentalcontact us online or call (585) 346-3028 today.


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