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Doris has been coming to our office in Lakeville, NY, for more than 20 years. In this dentistry testimonial, she explains that even though it is a bit of a drive for her, she finds great value in being able to trust her dentist. She discusses how safe the staff and office makes her feel.

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My name is Doris Shepard. I'm a retired Pharmacy Technician from a nursing home and I worked there for 20 years. And I've been coming to Dr. Hirschfield for approximately 21, 22 years. I think I was his patient number four when he started his practice. I've a very complicated mouth, I guess you could say, and I just like what he does, how he treats me and how he treats my mouth. And at my age, we didn't have good dental care when we were young, not like it is now, and so it makes for my mouth needing a lot of attention at this age. It's good to have a place that I know I can go to, that they know me and that I'll feel safe at. This is a 45-minute ride for me to come out here, but when you find a dentist that you like and you trust, you'll go most anywhere to go see him, and you don't want to start with somebody new, I trust him.

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The staff is extremely capable, cheerful and team-oriented. The health of my teeth and the quality of my smile are their focus. They are experts at what they do."

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